Monsters Are Due
Monsters Are Due
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1. 单选题
20 秒
When the townspeople turn on their radios, 
they know aliens have attacked
they hear nothing
they know a meteor has landed
they hear strange music
2. 单选题
20 秒
Why won't Steve Brand's car start
It has run out of gas
The battery is dead.
The engine has broken down.
Nobody can figure out why.
3. 单选题
20 秒
Who suggests first that aliens arrived?
Steve Brand
the narrator
Mrs. Goodman
none of these
4. 单选题
20 秒
When Goodman's car starts, the others demand
that he give them a ride
that he give an explanation
to listen to his car radio
to the police
5. 单选题
20 秒
Why does Pete Van Horn leave Maple Street?
go to Floral Street
to check the power line
to catch a space monster
he is afraid of his neighbors
6. 单选题
20 秒
Les Goodman tells that he is guilty of...
tricking his neighbors
summoning space aliens
none of these
7. 单选题
20 秒
Someone in a "reflective" mood is...
thinking deeply
accepting something 
8. 单选题
20 秒
Which one means the OPPOSITE of the word instill?
take away
9. 单选题
20 秒
Someone making "accusations" is trying to...
meet people 
place blame
tell jokes
10. 单选题
20 秒
Who tries the hardest to control the situation?
Don Martin
Charlie's wife
Mrs. Goodman
Steve Brand
11. 单选题
20 秒
Suspicion falls upon Brand because he has built..
a spaceship
a ham radio set
a huge shed in his yard
an odd bookshelf
12. 单选题
20 秒
what does Charlie do seeing a figure in darkness?
fires Don Martin's shotgun
locks himself in his house
runs toward the figure
holds up his own shotgun
13. 单选题
20 秒
Who dies in Act II?
Don Martin
the space monstre
Pete Van Horn
14. 单选题
20 秒
Why does the suspicion fall upon Charlie?
his radio begins to play
his car drives away on its own
his electricity goes on
he shouts something 
15. 单选题
20 秒
Who does Charlie accuse of causing the weirdness?
his wife
Mrs. Brand
16. 单选题
20 秒
The events are at last explained by...
the narrator
two space aliens
the ghost of Pete Van Horn
17. 单选题
20 秒
An "explicit" order would be...
easily understood
hard to obey
hard to repeat
18. 单选题
20 秒
"They don't want you to", who is he referring?
Aliens from outer space.
The wives
His parents
The residents of Maple Street
19. 单选题
20 秒
Why do the residents believe Tommy's story?
They read same stories before
Fear overtakes their reasoning
Tommy always tells truth
they consider the possibility
20. 单选题
20 秒
What is a mob scene?
individual voices are muted
Individual voices are heard
everyone works together
each person is respected
21. 单选题
20 秒
The residents turn against Goodman because they...
like fifth columnists
distrust one who is different
don't like foreign cars
know he owns a ham radio
22. 单选题
20 秒
How did Les Goodman defend himself?
he like the stars at night
he said he had insomnia
he heard strange noises 
his house had been broken into
23. 单选题
20 秒
At the end, the real monster is...
Tommy's mind
Charlie's behavior
the fear and prejudice
24. 单选题
20 秒
At the end, the residents are
resolving their problems
meeting with aliens
moving to another town
turning on one another
25. 单选题
20 秒
Between who does the conflict of the play develop?
Tommy and his friends
Strangers who move there
all the neighbors 
Steve Brand and the narrator
26. 单选题
20 秒
What's the mood on Maple Street at the end?
a tense nightmare
a calm return to normal
a sense of relief
an excited celebration
27. 单选题
20 秒
Which one best summarizes the theme?
Good neighbors are important
suspections destroy community
we should prepare for alien
fictions destroys trust
28. 单选题
20 秒
 A major section of a play is called a(n)...
29. 单选题
20 秒
Instructions for the actors are called...
stage directions
30. 单选题
20 秒
Smaller parts of an act are called...
31. 单选题
20 秒
Who were the most dangerous enemies?
monsters in space craft
super aliens 
the people who reads
32. 单选题
20 秒
This problem concerns all of us, means
we are all worried
we are all paying attention
We are all related to it
none of above
33. 单选题
20 秒
a man without consciousness means
a man who do not know things
a man who can not think 
a man lack of morality 
34. 单选题
20 秒
which one is NOT the synonym of menace
annoying kid
35. 单选题
20 秒
Something portable means that it is...
light and easy to move 
36. 单选题
20 秒
To get sth. straightened out is to...
make things straight 
obtain something
settle a hard situation
37. 单选题
20 秒
What's an innocent person accused of a crime?
whipping boy
38. 单选题
20 秒
three fatal human weakness in the text except
suspicion and distrust 
eagerness to find a scapegoat
readiness to turn into a mob
fragile against weapon 
39. 单选题
20 秒
The room has a cosy, homelike....
40. 单选题
20 秒
I am ______ about my chance of getting the job.